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Commercial Roofing in San Francisco


Commercial Roofing San FranciscoRoof coatings come in a near endless variety of applications. If you are a building owner, it can be tough to wade through all of the information and try to make an informed decision about them without aid of a degree in chemistry. We understand that, which is why we strive to make information on all our coatings available in plain English, with a knowledgeable member of our staff always on hand to answer any questions that you may have and even make recommendations for your specific situation. When you shop with us, you don’t have to be an expert- because we are already the experts. You can trust us to find the right product for your project without being pushy or overselling.

High Quality Coatings

Roofing coatings can be formulated to suit the needs of any building and they come in many colors to match any aesthetic. Despite this wide range of colors, most commercial buildings opt for a plain white coating to take advantage of the added energy savings. As a company, we evaluate each of our manufacturing partners regularly to guarantee our customers a top quality product. We put in the time and have done the research necessary to be 100% confident in the quality of the products we apply to your roofing. That being said, coating your roof can still be a challenging undertaking, no matter how prepared you are, but we are here to make it easier on you.

Benefits of Coatings

Commercial Roofing in san Francisco Coatings can give your roof a whole new life and eliminate the mass amounts of landfill waste created by expensive roof tear offs, not to mention saving you the hassle. They also offer sustainable and renewable solutions for roof restoration. Ten years after its initial application, the coating can be refreshed for all of the initial benefits and at a fraction of the original cost, offering you yet another ten years of worry-free roof protection. During this time, coatings can save you money on energy costs year round by reflecting heat solar radiation away from your roof, preventing it from being trapped in the upper levels of your building. Black roofing or shingling on a sunny day can reach temperatures of over 200 degrees! With the application of a white reflective coating, as much as 90% of that heat is reflected, keeping you nice and cool. This is a must have feature in any warm environment. Finally, coating systems may even offer significant tax advantages to the building owner in the same year they are installed, saving you even more money. At this point, with all of these different savings, you can’t afford not to have your roof coated.

Roof Coating Systems

Commercial Roofing San FranciscoCoating systems, whether you choose a roof or wall application, offer building owners a cost effective option to increase a building’s durability and longevity, thus protecting your investment for longer. A good coating can single handedly protect and extend the life of your roof system for decades. We have the capability and the manpower to install high quality coating systems for nearly every application. Contact us today to see which coating system is right for your building.