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Your roof’s flashing is something that you probably never think about- until there’s a problem. When a leak happens, it almost always originates in an area where the flashing meets shingles, or vice versa. Therefore, ensuring that your flashing is in proper working order is a big part of keeping your home in overall good shape. There are two options for this. You can either have a trusted roofing repair company regularly inspect and repair your flashing, or you can tackle the project yourself.

Examine the Flashing

Roof FlashingStart by examining your roof’s flashing around plumbing vents, chimneys, and other architectural features of your home. Take note if any of it appears in disrepair or shows signs of rusting, gaping, holes, or brittle gaskets. Areas of flashing with any of these signs will need to be repaired at once.



Replacing Damaged Flashing

Roof DamagedIf you find damaged flashing, it’s best to repair it right away. Start by removing a few shingles around the area where the flashing is installed. By very careful not to rip the shingles, which is easily done if you tear them up with too much force. use a gentle touch because even if you have extra materials left over from your home’s last roof installation, the naturally aged and weathered shingles will not be a match in color for the brand new shingles you would be installing. With a flat bar, pop up the edges of the flashing. Once you’ve got it free, scrape off any caulk or other debris left behind on the roof and prepare to install the new flashing. Slide the new piece of flashing over the vent and under the shingles above to secure it. Make sure that the new flashing is properly in place and then lift up the sides just enough to spread an adequate amount of caulk under each edge of the flashing. Put one nail in the end with a dab of caulk to seal over the hole. Then, reinstall the shingles that you took out previously. Repeat this process with any areas that require replacement flashing.

Repairing Damaged Flashing

Damaged Roofing san FranciscoYou may find that in some areas, the flashing may be coming loose but is otherwise unaffected by rust or other problems. In these cases, the piece of flashing itself is perfectly fine, it just needs to be reattached more securely. The fix for this is similar in process to replacing damaged flashing. Begin by removing shingles around the flashing so that you can access the flashing itself. Fully remove the loose or gaping flashing and thoroughly inspect it to make sure it’s a suitable candidate for repair rather than replacement. You would hate to seal it in now only to have to replace it in a few weeks, wouldn’t you? Scrape any caulk debris off of the roof and fit the flashing back in place. Apply a liberal amount of caulk under the flashing and make sure that it is secured in place. Reattach the shingles that you removed. Now you’re done!